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! This Site is about art, entertainment, technics for entertainment and the aquisition of items !


    Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the site that intends to experience the monumental aspects of of art and media. This Place is called 'THE MONUMENTAL ART' and we hope that you enjoy it!

You have always above a headline with the most important links. First of all, let us explain the topic CINEMATIC ART. The link of the subject 'CINEMATIC ART' leads you to books about the filmmaking process, books about actors and directors and features some of the highlights in film history (they are divided in 'CLASSICS', 'THE ART OF FILMMAKING' and 'STYLISTIC MASTERPIECES'). Please, feel free to recommend us your favorite movie. In addition to the movies above is a sub topic, where you have a view over careful elaborated TV SERIES (of the more recent age). They are listed because of the outstanding dramatic storytelling and the technical sophistication of the series, both the strength of cinematic movies.

In case you are someone who is interested in architecture, the makers of the site are delighted to supply you with some pictures of buildings and cities. These images are posters, you can buy with the links below. In case you are interested, we have also a couple of words for the history and the styles of architecture in general.

If you like you are invited with a click on the link 'STONER [AND UNDERGROUND]' - in the headline - to a topic concerning very, very heavy music from an elite circle of an underground movement. First of all, you can choose between the three recent artforms of true heaviness, simply click on the links 'DOOM' and 'SLUDGE', which are listet in addition to the 'STONER' link (all in the second headline). Second of all, there is a link to some of the more conventional underground artists in the main menu from the 'STONER [AND UNDERGROUND}' category. Thirdly, you will find examples of more calmer music from the INDEPENDENCE area. 

We have another angle of 'THE MONUMENTAL ART' that is the link 'PURE BEAUTY AND MYSTICS' in the headline. The mystic but also the beauty is unforgetable and monumental, too. So in this place you will find besides some thoughts on these themes stuff like pretty pictures of women and landscapes and so on.

Again to the 'CINEMATIC ART' link: we recommend proudly the sub topic - though not so monumental - the FILM MUSIC area! However, art manipulates the feelings and the attitudes of the audience and especially film music does that. In that sense film music is monumental. And we shall pay attention of the manipulative techniques of art! Besides, film music heightens the movie to an unforgetable experience. So this site wants to give you an overlook on books about film music and their composers. And finally we have a selection of film music from some wellknown composers. We invite you to click on the link to this selection (divided in 'NEW STYLES', 'OLD STYLES' and 'AVANTGARDE') and explore the places where you can buy those soundtracks.

This Page offers you information of some super idols - heroines and heroes in all thinkable art forms including actors and writers. Many of them have secured themselves a place in the history and are unforgetable. In order to get information about these heroines and heroes click on the link 'THE ICONS'.

'THE MONUMENTAL ART' is also about some technical aspects concerning medias and entertainment. For instance we want to open up a special subject on SURROUND SOUND in the living room as well as a dicourse on the advances of the lately developed BLU RAY format

Our engagement reach also to the matter of the art of musicians to perform live on the stage. We collect impressions on concerts in several music areas, mainly underground and jazz, and display the performances with location and date and a artistic as well as a technical valuation. Strongly played songs or pieces will be emphasized in the short description on the performance. To get to that concerts click on the prevailing link in the link page or the main page in the 'STONER [AND UNDERGROUND]' area.

As a visitor of 'THE MONUMENTAL ART' you are welcome to buy or trade items. Feel free to make new proposals, our mind is always open. To buy or trade click on the link 'SALES&TRADE'.